Ben Monteith

We are delighted to announce Ben Monteith as the music star of the conference!


A few words about him:

Ben has possessed a talent for music since a young age, using it to act as a background drummer for bands (mostly metal). An opportunity to jump-start his music career arose when Matt Spicer invited him to play on the streets of Glasgow, busking for some extra money.

This turned out to be a good decision, as Ben’s excellent talent for music has earned him a widespread positive reputation; he has even won an award for “Best Busker” via Clyde 1. Ben continues to busk today, always drawing in crowds of people with his impressive skill, and he also plays at well-received gigs. He has reached over 30 million hits on YouTube and has loyal fans travel to the city to hear him play.


On the 17th of February, you will be able to listen to Ben’s wonderful music in the Lighthouse during INSIDE OUT Conference!

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