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We are far away from the times when a university degree on its own would open doors to our dream careers and guarantee us a stable future. We live in a competitive, forever changing and unsure conditions. Students and not only them, have to adapt to this new reality quickly and effectively. Thus, there is a constant need for a self-development and learning from sources available outside the walls of schools. Experience is what matters the most and what employers will be most interested in.

Sad and true… but we can help!

TEDx Conference gives you a unique opportunity to learn and gain knowledge from most successful people from your local community. You will be able to understand what has motivated our speakers and what steps they have taken on the way up. Talks, which are in the TED’s mission spirit, concerning “ideas worth spreading”, will broaden your views on matters that shape our culture and social life. This valuable experience will create conversation between you and other listeners as well as speakers and the team from TEDx Strathclyde and subsequently, you will be able to make connections and network!

Thinking outside the box is what we like the most! We strongly believe that attending the upcoming conference will not only boost your knowledge and understanding of the world, but also it will be a great entertainment and chance to meet like-minded people.

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