IO themeEvery day we do the same things, starting from dressing up for the day, drinking our bitter but delightful coffee to heading off to our daily tasks…until the moment of opening the exit door! Then, we leave, knowing or not knowing what we have to do. But what is the most important thing is not having a clear idea of your daily duties but instead having a clear vision what opportunities, experiences and adventures these duties could bring you. For example, you can go to work and work on a project that you are passionate about to build on your skills, or you can go to a nice social event where you can meet people who are as keen to share their life experience with you as you are with them. You also can simply “go out there and do something remarkable” (Wendy Wasserstein)! The emphasis is on going INSIDE OUT, saying “goodbye, see you later” to your morning routine and opening yourself new horizons. Going inside out to taste, see, touch, smell, and hear… Going inside out to learn, improve, create and make!

Therefore, the main goal of the INSIDE OUT conference is to share our speakers’ internal ideas, innovative approaches, inspirational philosophies, fascinating arguments with the world out there. During the upcoming conference, we will look into thought-provoking issues presented by our amazing speakers who will get an in-depth insight into the industries they work in and will talk about how by going inside out their comfort zone, they learn, improve, create and make. And don’t forget to get the courage to do the same – go inside out and get some inspiration to do something remarkable!… or simply come to our conference and our speakers will help you gain confidence to go inside out your fears, inside out your comfort zone and inside out your routine to create a better version of yourself.

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